[ Techniques ]

UV Effects


The "ClearCoat" foil has two intended uses. The first is to be able to give a conformal gloss coating over color toner images. The second is rather unique. Very simply, it's a 'subtractive' technique to arrive at an image without the need for a black toner image under it.


If you notice the B&W "reverse image" on the left here. We merely took a positive image, reversed it and applied the "ClearCoat" over the print. We then discard the paper print as it's served its purpose... it removed all of the ClearCoat that we didn't want, leaving a positive "clear" image.


The next step requires you to get a somewhat unique spray adhesive called "KK-2000". It's available generally at all fabric type stores and in the USA and is also available at "Hobby Lobby". Lightly spray the of the ClearCoat foil, lay over your target paper location and run through the laminator. After the paper has completely cooled, carefully peel off the foil and you should then see the typical "glossy" image as shown on the brown piece of card stock above.