[ Printer Info ]

1. Laser printer settings:

Depending on the condition of your toner cartridge, you may find you will have to increase the DENSITY of the printer. If your graphics don't print as solid blacks on your paper stock, increase the printer's "toner density" output. This can be set either by front panel controls or if your printer has no settings window, you will use the printers software utility to make these setting changes.


2. "What if I only have an Inkjet printer?"

Well, there are two ways around this so you don't have to go buy a laser printer (although entry-level laser printers are very inexpensive now a days). Using their services can complicate things if you are planning on doing some of the more complicated techniques as you might need to make several trips to the store, however, for simple one or two non-overlapping foils, this is still a viable way to get your prints made.


A good alternative to using their services is to consider buying one of the micro briefcase-sized monochrome "home/office" copiers. We'd suggest looking on eBay to pick up a used unit very inexpensively. Either way, all you'd do is simply print your artwork from your inkjet printer to regular white paper and then run your specialty paper for your project through the copier giving you a toner-based printout that the foils will now work with.

If you consider the "Home/Office" copier idea, we've always liked the Canon "PC" series of desktop copiers and have used the older Canon "PC-150" for years. Canon has produced a line of these PC series copiers over the years... 150, 160, 170 and we have never seen any real differences between models. It appears like they just change the outside enclosure. This is a good cheap way to go because running down the local "copy house" can get really old real fast! Of course, this is just for B&W work.