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You can now print directly on photographic prints using any laser printer or photo-coper and colorize the black toner image(s) with any color foil. Simply setup a template the size of the photo to know where the images and text are going to print. Use the same process as shown in the prior example making a professional looking "Certificate".


To ensure proper placement of your custom images, print the template on drafting vellum which is a very translucent paper enabling you to see the print through the paper to the print ensuring where your graphics will lineup correctly.  Drafting vellum is available from any office supply store.


After you have run your photo through the laser printer, overlay the print with any foil color (white in this example) and ... voila!




Color toner is absolutely "flat" by its very nature which is one of the big differences between inkjet and color laser printers.


This first image has been printed on a super-high gloss which looks odd when the toner is dull. However, one of the foils in our system called "ClearCoat" lets you turn all toner very high gloss, making the printed image now look like a real photograph. This example was printed on standard "high gloss" inkjet paper available at any office supply store. We've tested several of these high-gloss papers and they all worked just fine running through a laser printer.


The second photo on the right shows the result after transferring the "ClearCoat" foil over the print which then matches the gloss of both the toner and the paper... exactly like a real photographic print. (It's difficult to photograph a high gloss print but you can see where the reflection runs straight across the toner image.)