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The "Artists" Foil Collection - Available In 3 Arrangements!


"TRF Sampler"  $29.95

Consists of all 20 foils, each 36" long - 60' total. Foils are attached to a chipboard backing that can be tacked to a wall to let all of the foils hang down enabling easier foil selection for evaluation and use.


     • All 20 foils: 8" wide x 36" long

     • 60' feet total foil quantity

     • Includes Carrier Board & Vellum Cover Sheet



"FlatPaks"  $8.95

Individual foils are one continuous piece of foil, 8" wide by 15' long, wrapped on a 6"x9" cardboard form.

Foils are easily unwrapped for the exact length needed.


     • Single color

     • 8" wide x 15' long

     • All 20 foil FlatPaks stacked consumes only 3" depth



Bulk Rolls: (see prices on right under the "generic" photo)

Whether you have a product needing a volume of foil or doing a lot of personal projects like wedding invitations, this is a great way to get 600' of foil on rolls at the lowest possible cost per square inch.


There are two ways to order full rolls...


Pigment  $120Metallic  $145Holographic  $175Option #1 - Custom Order:

Bulk roll order is a 24" wide roll, 200' long. Obviously that's too wide for most users so we cut your roll to your specification at no additional charge. You could order 24 - 1" wide rolls! The average turn around time for a custom order is only about 10 days. Rolls longer than 200' will be quoted on request. Roll cores are 1" diameter but can be requested on 1/2" cores.


To place a Bulk Roll order we initially only need an email from you with your full mailing address, etc, telling us what you want. We will generate a Sales Order and email it back to you with a link to our secure on-line payment gateway. PLEASE NOTE! Custom orders are not returnable for refund ... for reasons that shouldn't need to be explained! If you need absolute verification of a particular foil shade, ask us and we'll send you out a sample at no charge for "eyes-on" evaluation as general computer monitors are very poor at exact color-shade representation. Also, the photo above is a stock photo and not representative of the colors we carry - it's just a pretty graphic. To see all of the shades we do carry, click on the MENU above "COLOR > Shades"


Option #2 - Order From Stock:

For our 'in-house' production we use only 8" wide rolls, 600' long which is the same quantity of foil as a special order but it's all on ONE roll. If 8" wide foil is good for you, you can order from our stock which eliminates custom order wait times as these rolls would ship same day. Stocked foils are all on a 1" diameter core.


Cost Savings Over Individual FlatPacks:

Assuming 2 cuts were made on a metallic color 24" wide rendering 3ea - 8" wide rolls (or one 600' roll from stock) that would equate to 40 - 15' FlatPacks. At $8.95 each that would cost $358 vs $145 for the bulk roll.


So, in recap...


  Stocked 8" Wide Rolls

    •ᅠSingle roll, 600' long

     •ᅠ1" Core

     • Same day shipment


              – OR –


  Custom Width (Special Order)

     • 24" total width x 200' long rolls

     • Cut to your width requirements to add up to 24"

     • 10 to 12 day average turn-round time

     • Also available on 1/2" core

And lastly...

Free "Color Swatch" of all 20 foils:

If you'd first like to see a sample of all foils, just email us with your request and we'll send one out by 1st Class mail.


     • Red

     • Copper

     • Gold

     • Gold (Satin)

     • Green

     • Green (Satin)

     • Aqua

     • Blue (Cobalt)

     • Blue (Dark)

     • Purple

     • Fuchsia

     • Silver

     • Silver (Satin)


     • White

     • Grey

     • Black


     • ClearCoat

     • Iridescent

     • Holographic Silver

     • Holographic Gold