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Toner images or text will print ON TOP of existing foil-covered images and foils will not transfer to other foils.

It's very simple to create a finished product with MULTIPLE foil colors that overlap each other.


To make overlapping foils colors, all you have to do is isolate the individual elements of your design (generally by using "layers" to turn elements on or off).


Print the first element, add the foil then put the page back into the laser printer, turning on/off the next element and print again. Lastly, cover and transfer with the next foil color.


1. Foils will ONLY transfer to exposed raw toner.

Once a foil has been transferred over a raw toner image it is sealed right up to the absolute edge of the toner image.


2. Foil-covered images can be safely run through laser printers without damage.

Printers have no problem printing directly over foils. Then you only need to cover with the secondary foil color and run through the laminator again.


3. Foils will not transfer to other foils.

Foils must come into contact with toner to be able to transfer. Placing a secondary foil color over the already transferred foil, nothing will transfer to the original foil color.