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Roller Pressure Adjustment

for the Recommended "APACHE AL13P"


This "Apache AL13P" laminator is a great unit for the price, however, there is one adjustment procedure that needs to be done. It only takes a few minutes and Phillips screwdriver.


Pictured here is the bottom of this unit. The screws circled in red are the ONLY screws to be adjusted!




Turn the unit upside-down and locate 8 Phillips-head screws. There are 4 in the corners of the base (these hold the beige cover in place). Farther inset from these screws, you'll find 4 more Phillip-head screws shown in the photo above with these screws circled in red. Leave all other nuts and small Phillips head screws alone!



These 4 screws we're going to tighten are compression springs going to the roller assembly. The factory has these set to apply very low pressure to the rollers which we need to increase. You will be turning these screws clock-wise (looking down at the screw head) all the way down compressing the springs, then backing them out (counter-clockwise) 3 full turns.



1) We've circled the 4 screws to adjust. Of all the screws you see on this bottom plate, there are only 8 "Phillips" screw heads ... 4 on the extreme corners - these hold the cover to the chassis and the 4 that are circled in red. These are the ONLY ones we'll be adjusting.


ADJUSTING: Start with the screw head in the top left. Turn it IN (clockwise) 3 turns then move to the screw below it and turn it in 3 turns. Next move to the other side and keep going around to all 4 screws turning each 3 turns UNTIL you start to feel resistance and the screws "feel" like they have bottomed-out. Do not bear down and over-tighten. Also, you will probably find that they may not all get this "resistance" at the same time.


Now turn each screw OUT (counter-clockwise) 3 turns. After this is done, the adjustment to roller pressure is done.


General safety rule when using ANY laminator...





All laminators run very hot. Some pouch laminator manufacturers have safety features installed like an auto-shutoff after a period of time and an overheat sensor to also shut down the unit. Unfortunately, the recommended Apache AL13P laminator has neither. So, we have a couple of suggestions you might want to do if you get one of these laminators.

Smoke Detector:

It's not a bad idea to pickup one of those very inexpensive battery-operated Smoke Detectors from your local hardware store. Place it above the area where you use this laminator.


The Apache unit does have a fuse in the back for short circuit protection, however, a fuse is basically worthless if the temperature control system was to fail and the heaters stay on continuously which would cause a run-away condition that could start a fire - but definitely smoke first!


Power Plug Timer:

We also highly recommend using a "timer". This Apache laminator is very quite running which means you could easy forget to turn it off when you leave the area. For peace of mind we strongly suggest you to use an automatic shutoff device. We use a Belkin brand "Conserve Energy Saving Outlet" ($14~$19 on Amazon).