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Our unique "heat transfer" foils convert any laser printed image to metallic shades to give your designs stunning visual effects!


Our set of 20 beautiful foils, 13 Metallic, 3 Pigment (White, Gray & Black) and a few Special Effect foils, allow you to create amazing effects for your next project!

Our Foils:

Our "Toner Reactive Foil" ("TRF") set is comprised of 13 high-gloss metallic shades (several with complementary satin shades), 2 holographic, 3 pigment, a clear coat and Iridescent special effect foils. All of these foils can beautifully compliment your creative juices giving your designs stunning visual effects. The foils along with our special techniques (see Menu item "How To...") can take you way beyond just turning a printed image metallic, enabling you to do some real magic. Tricks that just weren't even possible to do not too long ago.


 Courtesy Jessica JonesSo how does it work?

In a nut shell, our specialty foils called "Toner Reactive Foils" (or just TRF) will transfer the color of the foil to any toner printed image from any conventional laser printer or photo copier. The video clip below will show you the basics of a simple colorizing process. You'll notice we use a "pouch laminator" with our process techniques. This is because a laminator provides the ideal pressure and controlled heat, more so than you could possibly get from a household iron to get perfect, wrinkle-free foil transfers.


• Business Cards• Awards & Certificates• Wedding Invitations• Scrapbooking... literally anything!We're all about "techniques"

Our set of foils goes way beyond just metallic foils. It comprises some very unique foils for doing some amazing tricks and having techniques for their use is what makes us different than any other company that just "sells foils"! We are a graphic-oriented company that understands what you need to make your projects stand out ahead of the crowd. We've been in this graphics game since 1988 and we think you'll get a kick out of the very cool things you can do with our foils and associated techniques. We have a lot of experience in the arts and you can call us anytime for Tech Support on any problems or method to use to accomplish your goal. What other company does that?



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