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The ultimate cool tool for the arts 'n crafts world


TRF foils have a special coating (or "sizing") applied to the back of these foils that when subjected to heat and pressure from a conventional "pouch laminator" that particular color will transfer to anything plastic.


So what good is that, you may ask? Very good in deed! All conventional toner used in laser printers & photo copiers is comprised of about 55% pulverized styrene plastic ... and there-in lies the connection. And the same applies to color printer toners too!


Just print what you want, cover, heat and peel off. It couldn't be simpler! This is the perfect customizing tool for your special 1-up projects, business products or even do "mini" mass production like making wedding invitations by the dozens. And it's all done in minutes without any support from anyone else.



Although most any current laminator will work fine with these foils, we suggest checking out the Apache AL13P from Amazon.com for under $90. It is by far the best bang-for-the-buck compared to all big name-brand units.


It is all steel construction, heated 4 roller design, heavy-duty motor (reversible!) and most important of all has an adjustable temperature control up to 379ºF. WOW! These are features you just don't find on big name laminators for under $350. There is one little modification you do need to do on this unit but it only takes about 5 minutes to perform to increase the pressure on the rollers from the factory setting. See "TECHNICAL > Laminator Info" above.


Note: If you are out of the USA we have alternative locations listed where you can obtain a near identical unit in your country. See menu: "TECHNICAL >> Laminator Info".


And another great reason to go for this laminator... if you might want to up your game in the future to be able to make real, pressure sensitive, dry-transfer graphics and text for any type of 3-dimensional surface, our DecalProFX process requires this heavy-duty laminator over all others on the market! See "MORE INFO >




We'll go into more detail on the individual techniques later (see the menu item "HOW TO > Techniques") but for now, we'd like to just wet your appetite with two very simple techniques using the WhiteTRF ... hands-down, the most powerful foil in the entire set! Surprised?


WhiteTRF makes the impossible ... possible!


The power of this foil becomes clear when you realize that "white" is a non-printable color by laser, copier or inkjet standards. We took this 4"x7" black bag and ran it through a laser printer, printing the text you see as black toner right on the bag. The white foil was laid over toner image, run through the laminator to activate the foil and then it was peeled off. Very simple. The only other way to do this would be to use a silkscreen frame, and that of course would be a royal hassle! So now you have to limitations on paper colors that you want to use in your next project.

A much more powerful trick for WhiteTRF is to be able to put a full-color image (even a photograph) on any colored paper. For color toner to be seen as vivid colors it must be printed on white paper. The toner used in conventional color laser printers (and color copiers) is transparent and relies on the white paper as a reflector for your eye to see these colors as solids.




Besides a suitable laminator, the only other items needed are:

    • Carrier Board* - Used as a rigid base to prevent foil wrinkles (included in the "TRF Sampler" pack)

     • Vellum Envelope* - Holds the Carrier Board, printed page and foil  going into the laminator (included in the "TRF Sampler" pack)

     • Scotch Tape "Removable" - Used to lift off any residue foil left behind due to surface tension (any office supply store)

     • Tack Cloth - Removes micro dust particles on print before foil is laid over print and run through laminator