[ Going Farther ]

A. DecalPro & Sub-Uses: For making "dry-transfer" graphics.

  Narritive: Part of this process is where the foils came from that are now an "end item" as "ColorFoils"



B. Another part is the TTP to do the following "miscellaneous" tricks:

  1. DVD graphic:

  Transferring to a CD/DVD. Mention polycarbonate = high heat resist so no problems transferring images +

  add foils too!


  2. Tx to Hardwood:

  Ideal trick to use for the more complex parts that require extreme accuracy. Paper templates glued down

  will shred on contact with the saw blade, but not when it's done this way! A novel way to speed up the

  process of “scratch building” from any image you send to your printer.


  3. Etching Brass: (all of those etchings of brass)

  Etching metals (referred to as "Chemical Milling"). Also needed - any to seal the toner.