[ Foil Info ]

Two Types of Foils!

Hot Stamping & Toner Reactive


This is The first type is called "Hot Stamping Foil" and is used only in the printing industry. You've seen this on just about every holiday greeting card. To make a foil imprint onto paper a metal die has to be made. The die is heated and when it is pressed over the top of the foil and makes contact with ANY kind of paper, it makes an instant image. Obviously, not the route we want to take here, but now you have an appreciation of how all of those greeting cards are accented with metallic colors.


The second type of foil is called "Toner Reactive Foil" or TRF for short, a suffix you will see on all of our foils (eg. "Metallic RedTRF").


The coating (or "sizing") applied to the back of these foils is what makes these foils different. Where "Hot Stamping" foils uses a sizing that will stick to anything when heated, "TRF" sizing will only stick to plastics. That's pretty unique when you think about it. So what good is that you may ask? Well, the beauty in all of this is that laser printer & copier toner is comprised of about 55% pulverized styrene plastic ... and there in lies the connection. With TRF type foils, you can make just one image for pennies with no die or machinery - just print your image to your specialty paper, cover with a foil, run both through a laminator, peel it off and you're done. Perfect for custom 1-up projects or even mini-mass production of wedding invitations, etc. And you can do it all "in house" without the support of anyone else.