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Make great looking certificates, awards, plaques for employee Recognition, Congratulations, Gift Certificates, Excellence, Achievement, Education. I's very easy to make it look professionally done.


It's super simple to do using "Goes" lithographic forms available in several base colors online or at your local office supply store. These specially printed lithographic blank forms are stunningly detailed templates used to create very professional looking finished images especially when you add metallic foil accents.


What's hard to see in this photo of the finished certificate is the embellishments in gold and the signature in metallic blue.




1. Measure Free Space:

Measure the inside area of the blank form where images and text should not exceed.

Don't crowd elements too close to the borders or it'll start loosing it's professional appearance.





2. Create the Working Template:

Open any letter-size graphics layout. The "page size" must be the same as the Goes letter-size form. The inside border you drew shows you the "do not go beyond" area.





3. Layout the Certificate:

Layout all of your form graphics, text and embellishments. Assign those elements and/or text you want to be a metallic color to an individual "layer" so they can be turned on or off when it's time to print and add that particular foil color.


When you've got your layers all set up, start with the metallic layers first and do the black layer last. This example was made using a B&W laser printer. It's suggested NOT to use a color laser printer because most forms have a color inset and that may change the color tone.