Company Info


PulsarProFX is a small developmental company that has produced some pretty unusual products over the years in the areas of:




Instant printed circuit board fabrication


Graphic Art:

Dry-transfer graphics, and

Colorizing Foils


Radio Control (R/C):

Product development for fixed & helicopter aircraft



We started out in 1988 as a graphic art design studio in California, and in 1992 we developed and launched our first product for making instant printed circuit boards using just a laser printer. Down the road in 2005 we introduced our second product "DecalProFX" - the world's first process/technique for making real 'dry-transfer' pressure sensitive (rub down) graphics for any product or surface in a mere 8 minutes.


This website for "color foils" is a spin-off from our DecalProFX product for making real dry-transfer graphics.

The ability to colorize toner printed images with our specialty foils is just one part of the complete DecalProFX system. Because there was so much interest within the 'Arts 'n Crafts' to colorize printed specialty papers, we decided to make a dedicated website to focus on just the foils with associated tricks.



4611 Crow Creek Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80922-4615




PHONE: (850) 926-2009

FAX: (888) 280-7570